Get ready for the virtual reality experience of your life!

Entertainment has never provided so many options for you before. You can enjoy such a wide variety of entertainment experiences from simply reading a book to death defying rides and adventures. Now you can enjoy another medium visiting Navrtar where our virtual reality experience in London will take you to another world.

The fantasy of almost existing

Our virtual reality experience in London brings you into a world that exists but does not physically exist. A world where borders do not exist, where you are immersed in a story by being a part of the story. The word virtual literally means almost but your mind will be drawn into believing that it is all real. The computer generates effects which give the appearance of being real.

Technology without boundaries

A virtual reality experience in London allows you and your friends and family to enjoy a variety of challenging circumstances in a safe and controlled way. Your introduction to the metaverse starts here. At Navrtar once you don your headset you can interact in a vast network of 3D adventures designed to challenge and entertain you. If you are one of those who feels that technology is too complicated, our systems are simple and easy to follow and enjoy. Our friendly staff will help you so that you have a thoroughly enjoyable experience and won’t be able to wait to return.

Escapism of a different kind

It is difficult to put down a good book that draws you in but even though you may be absorbed you are always on the outside looking in. Movies and theatre can have the same effect but they don’t quite allow you to experience being one of the contributing characters in the story. Prepare yourself for an entirely different experience where you will feel the tension and anxiety of encountering different circumstances as if you were really there. Here there are no distractions; you will be fully immersed in dealing with what you see before you. Your senses will be heightened and your adrenalin will be flowing as you enjoy the experience.

Have a Navrtar party

You can come along and enjoy a solo outing or bring your friends or your family and compete against each other in a variety of games, like alien invasions or a Zombie Apocalypse. Explore under the ocean or defend your own castle. You can work as part of a team or on your own. You can compare your scores afterwards and also see your position in our league. After your experience you can also relax in our bar and order food while you discuss the adventure with your friends or family. Children must be over ten years of age and from ten to seventeen must be accompanied by an adult.

Technology is constantly evolving

Technology is an ever evolving thing and new concepts and games are always appearing. We are constantly reviewing and improving our games list so that you can experience other adventures. Our free roam area is a first in the UK so you can walk freely without any restricting cables.