For the best virtual reality experience in London

Within a modern world of limitless experiences, people are always looking for new and exciting ways to be entertained. Here at Navrtar, we as a company believe that we can offer you something new, exciting, and fresh to keep you entertained, whether in a small or a larger group.

Offering a virtual reality experience in London, Navrtar aims to take you away from your daily life for a short time and place you in an environment that is stimulating and exciting. You and your friends or colleagues can emerge yourselves in the first free-roaming VR experience in the UK, playing games that will get your blood pumping and challenge you to the limit.

Our virtual reality experience in London offers a unique gaming environment specially developed for your use. The games may seem a little familiar and you may have seen something similar on your gaming console at home, but this time it is different. You are now placed right inside the game that you choose to play.

With action all around you, you really will feel like you have been taken out of the life you know and transported into another. The games are designed to be as realistic as possible, using our state of the art graphic technology and gaming equipment together to help transport you to another time and place.

There is only one question you need to answer, what game do you want to play?

The Experiences


The apocalypse has arrived and some of the world’s dead have mutated into zombies. They are all around you, with the strong urge to kill and possibly eat you.How will you survive to escape the oncoming zombie hordes?

You must work together as a team to keep the oncoming waves of zombies at bay. To survive you need to kill as many of them as humanly possible, but these zombies are determined not to be stopped from completing their quest for the death of humanity.

Will your team be capable of handling this heart-stopping action? Will you be the last team standing?

Strike Team Delta

The world has been invaded by aliens; their goal is to take over the planet at all cost.We are not sure what this means for humanity, but we do know one thing. Without the help of teams of marines like yours, millions will die.

Will you and your team accept this challenge and choose to go into battle with an invader from outer space? Can you defeat the aliens and take back our planet for all mankind?

The Heist

There has been a bank robbery!

You and your team can now be the police, ready to solve the case. Armed with guns, scanners and touches, you enter Navrtar’s latest escape room experience prepared.To escape it is simple. Solve the case.

This is an experience that makes use of problem-solving skills more than the need for the use of action skills. Can you and your team find the culprits and escape the room?

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These are just some brief details about the virtual reality experience in London offered by Navrtar, why not contact us directly to find out more!