FAQs about our virtual reality experience

Our virtual reality experience in London is only growing in popularity, with more and more people wanting to explore the world of VR. You may have some questions before booking your experience with us, which we will try to answer for you here.

What is VR?

VR stands for virtual reality, and it is a genre of gaming that requires you to wear a headset with goggles that projects the game and also tracks your head movements. This means that virtual reality is a lot more realistic than other game genres, because it really feels like you're inside the game. With our specific virtual reality experience in London, we have taken it up a notch, and you will also use prop controllers such as guns to give it an even more real feel.

How many games are there?

Here at Navrtar, we have four games to choose from, and you will choose one game for your group to play when you come for your experience. Firstly we have Strike Team Delta, which throws you into a fight against an alien invasion. Secondly, we have two games called Overrun, which are based on defeating a zombie outbreak. And lastly, we have Toonstrike, our newest game, which requires you to protect a town called Altesa from being overtaken by enemies. Whichever game you choose, you are guaranteed to have a fun-filled and memorable time.

How many people can play?

The number of people that you can have in your group greatly varies from five to fifty-five. So whether you are looking for a day out with the family, a big birthday party or a team building exercise for you and your colleagues, we can cater to your needs. When it comes to actually playing the game, there can only be five people at a time, but we have a viewing area where you can enjoy a drink and watch your friends run around and complete their mission.

How long is the experience?

When you arrive at Navrtar, we will first check you in, which usually takes around thirty minutes. After this, you will start off with your demo experience, which also takes around thirty minutes. The demo will be your first foray into VR, and you will be guided by our staff to ensure that you feel comfortable with how everything works. After this, you can start your main experience, lasting around half an hour. Once you have completed the virtual reality experience in London, you can spend as much time as you like enjoying our bar and table games area.

Are there are any restrictions on who can play?

At Navrtar, we have tried our best to be able to include everyone in the experiences, but due to health and safety there are a few restrictions around who can play. For example, due to the need to wear a small computer on your back, our VR games are not wheelchair accessible, but we are working to facilitate this in the future. Also, if you struggle with severe hearing loss, a heart condition, epilepsy, or have broken limbs, then it's probably not best that you take part, but you can still enjoy our bar and table games for as long as you want with the rest of your group!