Experience the future first hand through a virtual reality experience in London

Touching the void

The world of video gaming is something that has expanded exponentially over the past decade, with new consoles and platforms pushing the boundaries on what we know to be possible, and what defines a ‘game’.

Here at Navrtar, we are here to take things one step further, by offering you a first-hand virtual reality experience in London like no other.

While playing a game may be fun, experiencing one in a free-roaming virtual reality environment transcends everything you know about gaming and puts you inside the virtual world in a way that has never before been possible.

What is a virtual reality experience in London?

Virtual reality is something that has always been at the forefront of our imagination when we envision the future. The basis of virtual reality is to simulate a believable, 360º digitalised environment in which players can move freely and interact with objects and their environment.

This may sound like something from a sci-fi movie, but at Navrtar it is perfectly real and attainable in the heart of the city, through a virtual reality experience in London.

Anyone who wants to experience gaming like nothing else, where they can fully immerse themselves within a fully rendered, believable digital environment - either as a team with other players or by themselves - should seriously consider booking an experience with us here at Navrtar.

What happens at a virtual reality experience?

Given the immersive and three-dimensional space in which our virtual reality experiences take place, we’ve found that it’s best to give visitors an introductory session that demonstrates the potential for VR (virtual reality) technology before we set you loose to game freely.

This involves a thirty-minute demonstration in which you’ll be transported through various different lifelike scenarios by wearing a 360º VR headset. These headsets let you look in all directions at the digitally rendered world, and even let you hear in a three-dimensional soundscape - meaning you’ll be able to hear noises coming from all directions.

These demonstrations are a great way to let our visitors familiarise themselves with VR technology, as it can seem a bit overwhelming at first. After you’ve completed the introductory demo, you can then enjoy thirty minutes of gameplay from a range of games.

What type of games do you have?

At Navrtar we offer players the chance to fight an onslaught of zombie attackers who come from all directions in our thrilling Overrun and Overrun Stage 2. If space is more your thing we also offer the chance to defend your planet against alien attackers in Strike Team Delta. For those who prefer mind-games we also offer the chance to play The Heist - where you must outsmart a team of bank robbers and prevent them from making their escape.

Alongside these thrilling games we also offer a licenced bar experience afterwards. This is a great place to meet like minded gamers and VR enthusiasts and share in a much needed debrief after what is - for many - an experience they’ll probably never forget.

If you’d like to get a taste of the world of VR for yourself then make the leap into the unknown and book an experience here at Navrtar.