Engage your senses with a virtual reality experience in London

A virtual reality experience in London is a way to engage many more of your senses when having an enjoyable gaming experience. Designed to be enjoyed with friends or on your own, you can choose between a number of different experiences that suit your skill set and gaming level.

If you like fast paced, action filled games, then Zombie Apocalypse might just be the thing for you and your friends. Designed to be either easy or hard, depending on your confidence with a virtual reality experience in London, you are bound to have an endless amount of fun and feel the reality of the situation as you work through an hour of immersive entertainment.

To create a whole experience for a night out, we have also included a bar so that you can talk and relax with a drink either before or after your virtual reality experience in London. This way, you can stretch out your evening to encompass a great catch up with friends as well.

With this being said, it is important to realise that this gaming experience is designed more for adults than children. Those aged 13 and above are welcome, although those under the age of 18 do need to be accompanied by an adult. This is a great opportunity for adults to see how far virtual reality gaming has come and to get excited about what the future can bring in this regard.

Are there any risks associated with this?

Nothing really more than common sense would suggest. As with any group experience, you do have to be mindful of your spatial awareness, so as not to injure one another by accident. Be aware of those a little younger in your group and ensure that they are comfortable with the surroundings.

Some people can have headaches or experience eye strain after prolonged usage of the headsets. It depends on everyone’s unique situation and how their body reacts to this immersive experience. Others can experience nausea or dizziness after prolonged use of the headset, although this is a very small percentage of people. We have trained staff on hand to help you out if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

Throughout the demo in the first 30 minutes of your scheduled time, we aim to slowly take you through your paces so that you can become accustomed to this change in reality. If you find that you are feeling anxious or stressed submerged in the virtual reality, then ensure that you do what you need to so that you feel safe and comfortable with the situation.

What to expect?

Come in a little earlier than your booking time so that we can accommodate you accordingly. We may not be able to allow you the full 60 minutes if you are a latecomer, or it simply might be more convenient that you book another time should you be running late. It is difficult for both us and for you should you miss out because you are not able to enjoy the full experience.