Delve into the digital dimension through a virtual reality experience in London

Uncover new possibilities

Here at Navrtar virtual reality centre, we are offering our customers something completely and entirely new and exciting. We are the first free-roaming VR games room and licensed bar in the country and as such are able to provide customers who visit our centre with a virtual reality experience in London like no other. Visitors can immerse themselves within a fully life-like, 360° digitally rendered environment in which they can directly interact with both other players and digitally generated characters - all whilst maintaining social distancing, to ensure both our customers’ enjoyment as well as peace of mind.

What happens at a virtual reality experience in London?

Whilst home VR headsets are becoming more and more common, they still remain on the high end of the cost scale, and as such are a luxury which few people can afford. Those who visit our virtual reality experience in London at Navrtar do so for exactly that - the ‘experience’. We offer far more than just the chance to experience virtual reality, but also the chance to free-roam around one of our safe play zones, whilst wearing equipment which lets you interact, feel, see and hear objects and digital characters in such a way that it seems real. In line with recent policies, we have upped our PPE measures, by ensuring that everyone who visits our practice is equipped with hand sanitiser, facemasks, gloves and VR hygiene masks.

What does the experience involve?

The VR experiences which we provide here at Navrtar VR centre each begin with a thirty minute introductory demonstration. This lets us fully show-off the transformative power of virtual reality, and lets our customers become acclimatised to the effects of interacting and viewing a virtual world. After this demonstration has informed and prepared our customers, they will then be given a choice of games which they are given an additional thirty minutes to enjoy.

Can I play games as part of a team?

Our virtual reality centre has become an increasingly popular outing for groups of customers of all ages, and is frequently used for team-bonding sessions for work colleagues. Our customers’ team-working skills can be put to the test in games such as ‘Apocalypse’ in which they must band together to defend themselves against a continual wave of zombies. Similarly, in games such as ‘Alien Defence’ you must work as a team to battle off extraterrestrial invaders and protect the earth from a hostile alien takeover. We also offer games and experiences which are tailored towards customers who wish to play by themselves, such as our newest game ‘Heist’, in which the player must stop an ongoing robbery and outsmart the assailants through a series of puzzles and action combined together. Whatever the occasion, our customers can be sure they will have a truly out-of-this-world, immersive gaming experience, after which they can have a relaxing drink at our bar and - if they should choose - mingle and socialise with other visitors and virtual reality enthusiasts, thus truly bringing the digital world to life.