Defend against alien forces with a new virtual reality experience in London

It’s official, laser-tag is out and virtual reality is in, and with the virtual reality experience in London, you and your friends will not be disappointed with the deep role-playing game at Navrtar, that will have you all defending the citizens of planet Earth from an alien invasion. Perfect for any social event that wants to kick boring to the curb, bring your best to save our species.

The science of virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) allows you to become immersed in a computer-generated world which your brain perceives as three dimensional. But you may be wondering how does it work? What makes us believe that what we see in the headset is real? Well, developers of this technology understand the rules and visual cues that tell us the sky is up, shadows mean light, and the size of objects indicate to our brain how far away they are through perspective. By following these rules that our brains have hardwired into our system and by following the rules of perceived physics, virtual reality environments can trick the brain into believing that what the eyes see is real.

These computer-generated 3D environments at the virtual reality experience in London provide the brain with the right information to set you in a believable space, without feelings of confusion or dizziness. However this can still take some getting used to, as our arena allows for up to 5 people to interact in a big open space for a more immersive experience and so you will be able to first take the opportunity to experience a demo, before taking on serious gameplay to help familiarise yourself with a virtual environment.

What makes virtual reality at Navrtar special?

We take the joy of gaming and the unique experience of virtual reality and combine it with a social element, to help you create a fun group activity that will be talked about for years to come.

While 5 people at a time can use the VR space, the rest of your group can participate too with drinks in hand seated in a comfortable lounge, your friends can watch your gameplay together while they wait their turn for a chance in the arena. They will be able to watch your movements in a live feed from the arena, as well as be able to see what you’re seeing in virtual reality, helping them become a part of your personal experience.

Our virtual reality experience in London will give you the best tools to experience true submersion, as wireless headsets cast your vision into a new dimension, making you feel like you’re outdoors fighting off aliens and securing the planet.

Alien defence

You and your team of friends, family, or colleagues will become marines that embark on a mission to protect the world from an alien invasion. You will need to pick apart crash sites, collect intelligence, and face the dangers needed to stop the invasion and save mankind from a day of judgment they would not otherwise survive.