Curious about our virtual reality experience at Navrtar? A quick guide to our experiences

Want to try your hand at playing a virtual game, but aren’t sure which venues are the best for fun and value?

At Navrtar, we pride ourselves on our virtual reality experience in London and can offer you and your team a range of games to satisfy everyone's taste.

So, what can you expect when you engage in our virtual reality experience in London?


Even if you have been to another virtual reality experience in London, or even if you have attended a session with Navrtar, you will still need to have a 30-minute demo session.

This enables you to get a glimpse of how the graphics look during the VR experience and allows our team to discuss with you how to use the equipment.

We will also discuss health and safety during this step.


On to the fun stuff!

If you are a fan of zombies, why not try our ever-popular Overrun VR experience?

Set in a dark and creepy world brought to life by striking graphics, your mission is to strike down as many zombies as possible and in the final stage of this experience, to destroy a hybrid creature. Very cool!

You will also encounter very eerie creatures on your quest out of this world, all of which you and your team must strike down to complete the level.

If this sounds like an experience you want, call our team to make a booking!

Overrun Stage 2

What's creepier than a deserted town full of zombies?

How about an underground train that has been deserted that is full of zombies; with no obvious way out, the terror increases when you choose to play Overrun 2!

Another stunning VR experience, you and your team have to make your way through the deserted underground station, destroying all manner of creepy mutated creatures (and of course zombies) on your way to find the creator of these horrors; a crazy scientist whose experiments went wrong.

If you have already played Overrun and want to try something a bit different, Overrun stage 2 is definitely going to tantalize you!

Strike Team Delta

Who doesn’t love an alien invasion fantasy?

Unlike zombies, the aliens in this experience can always seem one step ahead of you and your comrades, and it is up to all of you to foil their plans and save humanity from extinction.

Taking place in a desert and then in a frozen wasteland, you and your team must shoot down as many alien drones as you can while also destroying our unwanted visitors in this simulation.

Other entertainment

Of course, if you want to have a fun time at Navrtar after you have saved the earth from zombies and aliens, we can offer you some other entertainment.

We also offer table football, a pool table and a quiz machine with a bar and snacks to keep your energy up after saving the world from virtual destruction.

So, if you want a great day out, call our team at Navrtar!