Common questions about our virtual reality experience by Navrtar

As the world begins to reopen, more people are seeking experiences to rebond with their friends and family.

And of course, what better way to engage with those you know than with a virtual reality day?

In years gone by, virtual reality (or VR) was composed of rather chunky, odd-looking environments which made it harder for those engaged with the activity to really immerse themselves.

As the technology has advanced in recent years and become more affordable, more VR laboratories and companies can offer exciting experiences to larger groups of people, making it better for everyone!

At Navrtar, we are proud to be one of those companies. Our virtual reality experience in London is not only great value, but you also get to choose from a range of experiences, from a zombie apocalypse to an alien invasion or our latest addition, ToonStrike. So when you come to us, you can be sure that you will have a fun and memorable day!

Have you been invited to a virtual reality experience in London and need to brush up on your VR knowledge first? Read on for answers to basic questions about what we do at Navrtar.

What is virtual reality?

In short, virtual reality creates a simulated environment for people to interact with.

It can be created using videography, photography or in the case of the technology we use, computer-generated images. Sometimes, it can be a combination of all 3.

When you come for a virtual reality experience in London with Navrtar, you will wear a headset that will allow you to interact with your experience using 360 degrees of motion.

How does a virtual reality headset work?

It is quite complex to go into but we will try!

Simply, the VR headsets are attached to a computer that, using the motions you make with your head, allows you to move around in the simulated environment without actually moving. We will show you how to use our unique headsets during your demo session, so you can move around in your experience with ease.

Is it dangerous?

Many people have concerns that VR is dangerous and, should you have certain medical conditions, we will advise against you engaging with our experiences, such as epilepsy or pregnancy. Also, due to the graphics we use, there are age restrictions on these experiences too.

Should you want to know more about whether you have a condition that would impact your ability to engage with VR, contact our team.

How can it help with team building?

Our games are set up with your team versus a common enemy, be it aliens or zombies, so that helps with team building in itself. To win at our experiences, you have to work as a team and as it is a fun way to do so, it will be a great day out which you can talk about back at your place of work.

Are there other benefits of virtual reality?

There are many benefits of VR, but the main ones are that it is a low impact way to have enjoyment and it is suitable for people who are physically unable to engage in other activities. Plus, it's fun!