Are you looking for a virtual reality experience in London?

Within the modern world of entertainment there are many ways to release stress and enjoy time with friends, however we believe our virtual reality experience in London is a great way to relax and get your heart racing! With locations in London and Amsterdam our virtual reality gaming experience is the first VR and bar experience, this means we offer both an exhilarating player experience as well as a great selection of wines, cocktails and spirits, and of course soft drinks.

So… what makes us different?

Within the modern market of virtual reality we understand that there is ever growing competition which is why we strive to stand out from the rest. In addition to our well stocked bar which adds to the fun of the game, we offer our players three main games, one of which being Apocalypse.

Which game is right for you?

After completing our virtual reality demonstration, which helps our players get the hang of the rest of the games, and serves as a fun introductory session, our players can choose from one of three games. Our apocalypse round involves fighting off zombies as a team, with an easy to hard difficulty level this mode is perfect for everyone! In addition to our apocalypse round we also offer Alien Defence and The Heist, which is the latest addition to our free roaming game!

Craving more independence?

Many of our players may wish for a solo experience which is why we also offer private gaming booths that allow our players to play alone, which may be preferable for many.

What to expect from your virtual reality experience in London

We understand that many of our new gamers may not have experienced virtual reality before visiting our centre which is why we always try to let them know what to expect from their Navrtar experience. If you do wish to play a free-roaming multiplayer experience you will receive sixty minutes of game time, as well as a fully stocked and licensed bar, and the choice of up to five players!

Do I have to be over the age of eighteen to visit your virtual reality experience?

No! Although gamers who wish to purchase an alcoholic drink must be eighteen or over, players from the age of thirteen plus can get involved, although they do have to be accompanied by an adult unless they are seventeen or over. With our flexible age restrictions this means the whole family can get involved, making it perfect for a family day out, or a special event!

A gaming experience you can trust

Many first time gamers may be sceptical regarding our virtual reality experience, however they need not fear! Located on our website we display a lot of gamer reviews from our happy customers, something many have in common is that they illustrate even people unfamiliar with virtual reality and gaming soon become avid players! In addition to our website reviews we are also rated with five stars on trip advisor, google, and even facebook, which we believe speaks volumes for our gaming experience!