Answering your questions about our virtual reality experience in London

Our virtual reality experience in London can do more than provide great entertainment for you, your friends and your family. Over time, our senses can become dull due to the same, repetitive actions and events that we were taking part in. We start to miss the sense of adventure and challenge that we might have felt when we were younger. If you remember the excitement of going swimming for the first time, then our virtual reality experience in London can help you to awaken your inner daredevil in a safe, controlled environment.

Here at Navrtar, we want you to search for your inner superhero. We’re dedicated to helping you take the first leap back into adventure and challenge. In this short article, we’ll introduce you to our virtual reality experience in London and answer your burning questions.

Do you have a zombie outbreak experience?

Perhaps one of the more popular simulations that many will have heard of is the zombie outbreak adventures. Many of us have played video games with similar premises or watched movies in which the hero saves the world, but none of us has felt the thrill of taking part ourselves. With our Overrun 1 and 2 experiences, the fate of the world is now in your hands. You’ll be responding to strange reports from the police and figuring out what or who is behind them before battling a horde of zombies and mutants.

Can I bring my family?

We’re happy to inform you that the VR experience no longer has to be enjoyed in solitary conditions or as an individual. We can accommodate up to 5 people during one experience, but you can bring more along with you as there is an opportunity to book more than one slot. Each slot will take place 30 minutes after the first, meaning you can all take part on the same day.

Are children under 18 welcome?

As long as there is an adult on the premises to accompany those under 18, they’re more than welcome to take part in our experiences. We ask that everyone be at least 1.3 m in height to avoid injury.

Is there an option to book for a kid's party?

We love taking part in children's parties, which is why we provide a party option for your bookings. As an adult supervising, you can take part in the games or relax in our lounge with food or drink. We also offer table games, providing entertainment for those not currently taking part in a gaming slot. To make things more fun and competitive, we offer a medal option, giving the top 3 high scores a medal to take home with them.

What other experiences are there?

If zombie outbreaks aren’t for you, you do not have to worry. We provide other games and experiences. One of our VR concepts follows a small town that is being disturbed by dangerous and evil creatures, or you can even battle an alien invasion.

What if I’ve never tried VR before?

Before each free-roam experience, your party will have the chance to experience VR with a demo. We understand that your first time might be overwhelming while you’re getting used to the full-body immersion and carrying around the equipment that is required, which is why we’ll be available to walk you through the demo.