An intro to our virtual reality experience in London at Navrtar

Are you looking for an experience you can share with friends and family that offers the exhilaration of paintball without the bruises?

Or are you searching for a way to motivate your office staff with team building that goes beyond slideshows?

Either way, our team at Navrtar can help!

At Navrtar, we were the UK’s first free-roam arenas for virtual reality, and so, when you book your virtual reality experience in London (or Amsterdam!) with our team, you can be certain that you will be booking a unique day to remember!

In this short guide, we introduce you to who we are and what we include in a virtual reality experience in London. So enjoy!

Navrtar: who we are

As mentioned earlier, we were the UK’s first free-roam arena, allowing our patrons to engage in a virtual reality experience in London while also being able to run around, adding to the experience and, of course, the exercise!

While we are relatively new, opening our doors in 2019, we are committed to our ethos that everyone deserves to play virtual reality and endeavour to offer our patrons the best experience of virtual reality gaming possible.

Games we offer

As our arena has grown and we have expanded to Amsterdam as well as London, we have been able to offer new and exciting games to our growing repertoire.


One of our most popular games is Overrun, which was recently accompanied by the follow-up Overrun 2.

Both of these games are based around the ever-popular trope of zombie hoards and require those who play it to form strategies to defeat the zombies before it is too late!

Due to the graphics included in this game, it is only suited for those over the age of 13, and those who are aged under 17 have to be accompanied by an adult.

This game has a range of settings from easy to difficult and is a great way to live out the always popular idea of surviving in a zombie apocalypse.

Strike Team Delta

Are you more of an X-Files fan? Are you a big believer in aliens? Then this is the game for you!

Set in the middle of an alien invasion that threatens to destroy humanity, you are charged with defeating the aliens and saving the world using tactics and weapons.

This game is challenging, has fun graphics and is only suitable for those over the age of 13. Once again, if you are under the age of 17, you will need to have an adult with you.


Our newest addition to our gaming catalogue is Toonstrike.

This game is suited for younger players and has a more comedic theme to it, while also having a serious challenge at the heart of it; to protect the city from evil monsters!

This game is adaptive, and as soon as you or your children have got the hang of using the controls, you will be introduced to more monsters to defend your city against.

If you are aged under 17, you will need an adult, but children as young as 10 can play this game.