Advantages of team building with a virtual reality experience from Navrtar

As offices and workplaces around the world begin to reopen following lockdowns and social distancing, it can be difficult for workers to engage. And it can be even tougher for supervisors to encourage them to do so!

And so the recent circumstances may leave many team leaders wondering how to motivate their teams to work as hard as possible, even though the return to the workplace can feel like a slog.

The answer is more fun than you may think; book one of our experiences at Navrtar!

At Navrtar, when you book a virtual reality experience in London, we will ensure that all of your team's needs are catered for, while also making sure the day is memorable and fun. We can offer a choice of 4 different virtual experiences, all designed to help build on interpersonal skills and to do so in an engaging way that is also entertaining. Great!

So, what are some of the advantages of booking a Navrtar virtual reality experience in London for your team?

Creates engagement

When you think of combating a zombie horde, you will probably picture running or battle.

With our virtual reality experience in London, our games create engagement, irrespective of your team's level of skill. And with engagement comes skill and new ideas that are genuine and may make you see members of your team more positively.

Develops new leaders

Following on from that, you and your team may discover that a previously underutilised member of staff has great leadership skills.

And while it may seem odd to base a promotion on how they performed in a simulated zombie apocalypse, those problem-solving skills can easily translate into the workplace.

It’s safe

In years gone by, many team-building exercises revolved around physically challenging activities, like paintballing or laser tag.

While these were fun, they could also be exclusionary; many people who worked in an office, but were also in a wheelchair couldn’t engage in paintballing and if you had a member of staff who had a physical ailment, it meant they wouldn't be likely to complete the activity.

As VR is stationary, all of your team can engage with simulation and unlike using paintballs, there won’t be any injuries or discomfort.

It's different

Let’s be honest, few jobs are associated with having a great time.

And many people associate the idea of engaging in a battle with zombies or aliens as something that they would do in their spare time.

So, by merging the idea of work and play, it is a different way to help your team build on their interpersonal skills, while also being memorable enough to keep them talking and engaging in the workplace long after the day is over.

And fun!

And finally, the main advantage of booking your team onto one of our VR days is that it is fun!

It is a different kind of team building day, that doesn't require flip charts, the workplace or anything mundane and helps your colleagues to have entertainment while engaging in problem-solving activities.

Plus, while we cannot guarantee it, we are pretty sure it will make you seem like a cool supervisor or manager!

For more information on booking one of our experiences, contact our team today.