A virtual reality experience in London like no other!

At Navrtar, we think we have a great answer to the question we all ask from time to time: ‘What can I do that’s a bit different today?’ Of course you could go to the cinema, play a game of ten-pin bowling and go for a meal, but haven’t you done that a hundred times before?

Here at Navrtar, we are offering a virtual reality experience in London. We believe that once you’ve played our games, you’ll have had a dose of adrenaline that will keep you pumping long after you’ve finished.

What is it?

Participating in a virtual reality experience in London may sound right up your street as you love gaming; for others, it may be something you’ve never really thought about. Whatever your preference for gaming, this is an experience that extends way beyond the traditional realms of playing a computer game hooked up to your television. With this virtual reality technology, you are in the game; you are living the life of the characters as you face adversaries such as aliens or zombies. Armed with a backpack, headset and a gun, your job with your team of up to 5 players, is to defeat the invasion, accruing points for every enemy defeated.

How long does it last?

Play lasts for 60 minutes and there is a 30 minute demonstration that you can try first to familiarise yourself with the equipment and how it works. We might make you walk the virtual plank, but don’t worry, you won’t be able to fall as you walk around one of our game room floors in reality. Once you’ve had your demonstration, you can choose between ‘Alien Defence’ or ‘Apocalypse’ for your virtual reality experience.

Who can take part?

We warmly welcome guests from 13 years of age. Any 13 to 17 year olds must be accompanied by an adult. It’s family time like no other! Have you ever dreamt you could decimate a whole host of zombies, whilst standing shoulder to shoulder with your mum? Probably not, but now’s your chance to see how the older family members really roll! Watch out for the grandmothers too, they can be pretty handy with a gun when faced with saving the planet!

Special occasions and gifts

If you’re looking to treat someone, we offer gift vouchers. We reckon there really is no better way to give someone a thrill of a lifetime!

For parties or corporate events, we can cater for groups of 20 to 55 people, and these will be split into sub-groups of 5 people. While people play, the rest of the group can chill out in our lounge with a drink from our fully licensed bar. At the end, there is a bonus round for the 5 highest scoring players to play again and receive a medal in our medal ceremony. Highest scoring teams are also celebrated on our website’s leaderboard.

Save the day!

So, come and join the world of your imagination in virtual reality. Don’t just go to the cinema and watch the films of people who fight fearlessly when the planet is under attack; come and be a part of it and save the day!