A virtual reality experience in London awaits you

Are you ready for a virtual reality experience in London like no other? Your opportunity to experience the next level of entertainment is no longer the future, it is here now. You can plunge yourself into an adventure all on your own or you can take up to five people with you to enjoy the moment. Adventure is no longer confined to the explorers, the movie goers or reading books; another medium is here to make the experience feel more real. Unlike the movies, books and screens you will find yourself in a 3D world where you are able to interact with what is going on around you.

Technology wherever we turn

Our lives are now dominated by technology, so why should we not harness it to take us to the past and the future? For years human beings have fantasised about time travel, being able to go back in time or to go forward into the future. Now you can immerse yourself in adventure and games by being part of the experience and playing a part in the outcome. Once you have experienced the reality of this form of entertainment you will want to relive the experience.

Free-roam experience for more than one player

At Navrtar, we aim to ensure that your virtual reality experience in London will be an experience that you will remember for years to come. Free-roam means that you have a digital area that represents a lifelike location. You and five other people can fight off zombies, stop a bank robbery or even get into a battle. You can accumulate scores and compare them against each other to see who is performing the best. Your scores will be accumulated and added to the Nartar league score so that you can compare your achievements with those of wider players. More and more games and experiences are being developed and will be added over time to broaden the experience.

How does virtual reality work?

Using a specially designed headset you will activate the graphics by moving your head. Your sense of space requires the ability to see and hear accurate sounds and see images that allow you to react quickly. This creates a sense of reality to what you see and hear and your brain reacts accordingly. New developments are hoping to include more senses into the experience like touching. Just like the roller coaster has developed from a simple train-like unit running up and down over larger and larger hills to death defying drops, this new experience is developing rapidly.

Regular get togethers

A virtual reality experience in London allows you to have regular get togethers with different friends and to compile points. You can even run your own league or introduce new friends and family to the whole twenty first century entertainment extravaganza.


You can even enjoy a drink and a snack at our snack bar and make the loser pay a forfeit. There is no end to the amount of safe fun that you can enjoy at Navtar. Even youngsters from the age of ten can come along and experience this new form of entertainment, but they will however require an adult supervisor.