A guide to Navrtar Who we are, what we do and our virtual reality experience

We think it is safe to say that after last year, you want to get out and about again!

And what better way to stretch the muscles of yourself and potentially your work colleagues than with a day of virtual reality?

At Navrtar, we are the trailblazers of the virtual reality experience in London and can offer you a day of safe fun, either fighting off zombies or aliens at our first (and most popular) location in Ealing. How great does that sound?

But who are we at Navrtar and why should you book us for your virtual reality experience in London? Read on to find out!

When was Navrtar founded?

Our team at Navrtar opened the first virtual reality experience in London in 2019.

While there was a minor hiccup in our running due to COVID-19 and shutdowns of all non-essential businesses, we are now back, accepting group bookings and bringing the world of virtual experience to all.

So, if you want to book a virtual experience as part of a team-building exercise, drop us a line!

What do we do?

We use state-of-the-art virtual reality software to immerse our patrons into different realities; all of them fun and all of them striking.

Do you want to fight off zombies because you are a fan of all things undead? Build up your team and tactics by diving into our ‘overrun’ and ‘overrun stage 2’ experiences.

Or, if you are more of a fan of aliens and invasions, why not book our ‘strike team delta’ experience? We will show you how to engage with the headsets and games before the official battles for survival begin with an in-depth demo.

Our dedication to team building

We know that the last year has been tough on businesses and team-building exercises are going to be a top priority for business owners and managers alike.

At Navrtar, we are happy to be able to offer group packages, so your team and your colleagues can learn how to work together in a fun and pressure-free setting.

Our group packages allow for 20-55 players to engage in the experience and we can even make it a tournament-based exercise, where your team can win prizes. Feel free to ask about the food and drink that we can offer too, making your day with Navrtar an all-round fun day out!

Recent changes

COVID-19 has caused the world to change in a way many people never thought possible.

And, of course, when you are using virtual reality headsets from our team, your safety is important.

Our team now cleans all of the equipment thoroughly (we did before, now we do it more often!) and we provide disposable face masks for all of our patrons when they enter the building.

We also provide a hand sanitiser.

You must wear a mask upon entering our building unless you are exempt, for which we will need to see a medical exemption card.

For more information about our COVID guidelines, download the guide from our site.