A 5 star free roam virtual reality experience in London

Navrtar is the first free roam virtual reality bar here in the UK, located right in the heart of Ealing in Dickens Yard. Rated as a 5 star virtual reality experience in London, Navrtar provides a highly immersive and enjoyable day out for those who are passionate about gaming, as well as providing an exciting adventure for those who are new to virtual reality and interested to find out what the hype is all about.

Something for everyone

With exhilarating new games being introduced every six months there is always something for everyone. Until now virtual reality has often been a solo experience, catered for individuals, here at Navrtar we provide a free roam virtual reality experience in London whereby you can enjoy the experience as part of a group, becoming the characters and working as a team to win your mission. Whether you are planning to visit with your friends or family, or you are organising a corporate event, with millions of employees having worked from home over the last year, Navrtar provides an excellent team-building opportunity to help settle your employees back into work with a smile on their face.

Book online

Each of our games are for 5 players, and our online booking system allows you to buy tickets for up to 20 people. If you would like to organise a larger party then please feel free to speak to our friendly and professional team of Navrtars who will help you plan your day and make sure that you have a wonderful time here at Navrtar. If you are in a group of less than 5 then we can always team you up with members of other groups or you may choose to opt out of this option at the time of booking. With our dynamic pricing approach the earlier you booked your tickets the better value you get and you will find our system easy to navigate and simple to use. You will receive a confirmation email for your booking and you will find that we have excellent transport links from all over the country.

Your Navrtar experience

Once you reach us here at Navrtar, you will find we have a comfortable seating area and bar to refresh yourselves prior to your experience. Check in will be quick and smooth. Our friendly Navrtars will make sure you are informed, safe and comfortable throughout. You will then undergo a 3-part demo experience which is highly enjoyable and lasts approximately 30 minutes and introduces you to the world of virtual reality. You are then ready to play your game. We currently have 4 exciting games to choose from which include Strike Team Delta, Overrun, Overrun stage 2 and our newest game Toon Strike. Our games are suitable for children aged 10 and over and all under 18s have to be supervised by an adult.

Once you and your team have finished your game you will find your results on our scoreboard and you can enjoy sharing your thoughts and your virtual reality experience in London over a delicious pizza and some refreshing drinks. Visit our website and find out more about booking your virtual reality experience in London today.