5-star virtual reality experience in London

If you are looking for an exciting and thrilling day out, then why don’t you book a virtual reality experience in London?

Here at Navrtar, located in London’s Ealing, we are the first free-roam virtual reality experience in London and can guarantee that you will have an amazing time whether you are new to virtual reality or have visited us many times before.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality creates an immersive experience for the gamer with the use of the latest computer technology where you can explore your surroundings in 360°. When playing computer games on a screen, virtual reality uses only two of your senses, which are sight and sound. Here at Navrtar, you will be in for a full-body experience that is designed to thrill and excite you with high-octane, graphic games in which you and your team can save the world from an alien invasion or survive a zombie apocalypse.

Virtual reality at Navrtar

Our games are designed to be played in groups of five, and you can book online for up to 20 players. If you are organising a larger party, then you can speak to us directly to organise this for you. We have a dynamic pricing system, so the earlier you book your tickets, the greater value you will receive.

Our location is highly convenient, so regardless of where you are coming from, we have good transport links and plenty of parking facilities nearby. We are open seven days a week from 2 pm to 10 pm, except for Sundays when we finish at 8 pm, allowing you to take time out of your busy hectic lifestyles and temporarily get away from the real world.

Once you arrive for your virtual reality experience in London, our friendly Navrtars will invite you in for a quick check-in to let the fun begin. You’ll be greeted by a fully stocked bar and seating area that you can enjoy before or after the game or whilst waiting for your turn.

Unfortunately, due to the graphic nature of our games, the minimum age here at Navrtar is 10. Most of our games are designed for those over 13, so please read and find out about which games are available prior to your booking. Also please remember that those who are under 18 have to be accompanied by an adult.

Once you are ready to begin your virtual reality experience, you will enter our demo area, which is made up of three exciting parts that help introduce you to the world of virtual reality. This segment lasts for approximately 30 minutes and allows you to visualise, practice and experience virtual reality before the main event.

We are currently running four games, which are Overrun, Overrun Stage Two, Strike Team Delta and our family-friendly game, which is also our latest addition, Toonstrike. Get online and book your virtual reality experience in London today. We at Navrtar look forward to welcoming you and your team for a memorable day very soon.