5 star virtual reality at Navrtar in London

If you are looking for something new and exciting to do in London then you have come to the right place. Navrtar is the UK's first free roam virtual reality experience in London located conveniently in the heart of Ealing in Dickens Yard. We provide an exhilarating and immersive virtual reality experience in London which is affordable yet unforgettable, that you can easily organise online for your friends, family or colleagues. We have a 5 star rating on Facebook, Google and Tripadvisor and we encourage you to check out our reviews for yourselves so that you can rest assured that you have an excellent day ahead for your group.

When you arrive at Navrtar for your virtual reality experience in London, you will be invited in by our friendly and professional Navrtars. With your email confirmation check in should be quick and simple and you will find our fully stocked bar and attractive seating area where you can wait for the rest of your team or refresh yourselves prior to the experience. We offer a 60 minute experience which caters for groups of up to 5 players. If you are in a larger group then we will split you up into separate teams and you will find that whilst one team plays, the next team undergoes their demo experience. Or you can keep yourself busy with our table games including pool, table tennis and our quiz machine. You may find yourself highly entertained watching your friends playing the game, whilst you enjoy some delicious snacks and drinks at the bar.

Your Navrtar experience

When it is your turn you will first enter the demo area. This area consists of three mini virtual reality experiences, which intensify as you go along. These are known as ‘see’, ‘score’ and ‘scare’. For ‘see’ you will get an idea of the visual aspect of virtual reality, and whether you are new to virtual reality or you are an avid gamer, our experience is tailored to excite your mind. ‘Score’ is a mini scoring game which allows you to practise your hand/eye coordination prior to the big game. The final stage of the demo is ‘scare’ which tests your fear of heights and is an adrenaline pumping experience which asks you to walk a plank at the top of a skyscraper! Our clients have found that the demo experience is highly addictive and enjoyable, and helps you familiarise yourself with virtual reality here at Navrtar.

The main event takes place in the arena where there are five playing stations which each member of your team will be allocated to. You will be able to see and communicate with your team members throughout the game and you will work together to achieve your mission. Currently we have four innovative and exciting games here at Navrtar in Ealing. These include Strike Team Delta, Overrun, Overrun 2 and Toon Strike.

Visit our website, or check out our pages on social media to find out more about booking a virtual reality experience in London for you and your team today!